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The Teacher's Funeral

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Connection T-S


      In the story, The Teacher's Funeral, Russell, and his brother Lloyd were sent to the hen house by their sister Tansy. As they were sent into the hen house they saw the back end of a bull snake. The snake had eaten an egg, and tried to go back out of the small hole it came in from. Russell and Lloyd grabbed an axe, and chopped the snake into pieces. This reminds me of when my mom, Corey, was picking flowers from the garden when a very large snake popped out of a hole in the garden. She screemed causing my dad, Roger, to stop mowing the lawn, and run to her. Corey showed Roger the snake, and he grabbed it with a shovel, then whipped it into the field. A few hours had past and all of a sudden Roger yelled, "DUCK!" Corey turned around only to see pieces of a snake flying right for her. Roger had accidentally run over the snake with the lawn mower cutting it to pieces. Russell and Lloyd also cut the snake to pieces intentally, but they used an axe and Roger used the lawn mower by accident.




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