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Jesuits- New France

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     The Jesuits were people of the Catholic faith. They came to Sainte Marie Among the Huron in 1639. The Jesuits were sent to spread the Catholic faith throughout the world; Huronia was just the beginning of the journey. The Jesuits had to learn the Huron language and religion. First they went to the Huron huts and talked to the chiefs. Next they talked about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. The Jesuits brought diseases into Huronia such as smallpox and the plague. These diseases killed twenty percent of the Huron population. The Iroquois attacked the Huron and Sainte Marie Among the Huron; the Huron were defenseless. The Jesuits were blamed for defeat. They were burned at the cross by the Huron, so much for spreading the Catholic faith.
Canada: Story Of Our Heritage, 2000. Volume 7, The Black Robes, pg. 64-65.
Canada: Story Of Our Heritage, 2000. Volume 7, Relations Among the Peopls, pg. 69-70.
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