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Tessellation Art

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Hop into Tessellation


Lexi Wormington


The title of the art is “Hop to it!”. It is a tessellation made using a square and the power of imagination. This “fly” catching master piece can only be done by highly trained artists who know how to tessellate. But a first time tessellater can do just fine.



-coloured pencil crayons        -square on card stock

-pencil                                      -scissors

-tape                                          -45cm by 30cm of paper


Hops to the pond:

First start with a square. Then draw a bumpy line from the top left corner, to the top right corner. secondly, slide the cut out across the square to the opposite side. Using tape, tape the cut-out to the opposite side of the square. Then following steps one and two, but creating  a pointy and straight line on the square. Draw the line from the top left corner, down to the bottom left corner, and slide the cut out piece to the right and tape it to the right side of the square. By turning the formed shape 180 degrees counterclockwise to make the bumpy side on top. Next, using the newly formed shape as a tracer, and trace it onto a blank piece of paper repeatedly to create a tessellation. To create the tessellation, trace the shape, then slide it to the left and trace it again.


Imagination at work:

Look at the tessellation. A frog should pop into mind. The bumps are the frog’s bumpy head, and the jagged part is it’s mouth. By drawing drool coming off two of the “teeth”, warts on the frogs body and the fly and tongue adds some character to the tessellation.

To colour the frogs use pencil crayons. Traced hard with the pencil crayon along the edges, then lightly colour in the frogs. After being coloured in, the frogs seem to jump off the page.


In the Pond:

Now the art is ready for the pond. With a little saran wrap to keep the paper from getting wet, the tessellation will be ready for the pond. Although the pond may have to be tessellated first, at least the master piece has been created. So, leap into action and create "Hop to It".





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